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BHY (buffer ring) polyurethane piston rod seal

Application scope:

This product is used in combination with the piston rod seal to absorb the impact and fluctuating pressure under high load, isolate the high-temperature fluid, and improve the durability of the seal. It can be used for mobile shovel, wheel loader, bulldozer, truck crane, wheel crane, dump truck, etc.

Product Detail

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Standard materials:

Sealing ring: polyurethane (PU)
Retaining ring: Nylon pa


The special shaped slot on the sliding lip that can discharge the back pressure can eliminate the pressure between the piston rod seal and the buffer ring.

Operating conditions:

speed Pressure range temperature range medium Diameter range available
1m / S 0 ~ 50MPa - 45 ℃ + 110 ℃ general petroleum based hydraulic oil (40-400mm)

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