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Crusher hammer oil seal

Standard materials: filled PTFE, NBR, FKM, PU

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A principle of breaking hammer oil seal is that there is an oil film controlled by the oil seal edge between the oil seal and the shaft. The oil film has a characteristic of fluid lubrication. Under the effect of the liquid surface tension, the rigidity of the oil film is just that the oil film and the air contact end form a crescent surface, which prevents the leakage of the working medium, thus realizing the shaft seal. The sealing ability of the oil seal depends on the thickness of the oil film on the cover. If the thickness is too large and the thickness of the oil seal line is too small, dry friction may occur, causing a wear between the oil seal and the shaft. If there is no oil film between the seal lip and the shaft, it will cause heat and wear.


Shuishan SB, Guhe HB, Dirk DK, Beilite BLTB, Eddie EDT

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