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OB (piston seal)

Scope of application: OB type piston seals are mainly used for heavy hydraulic equipment, especially for double acting pistons. Such seals are applicable to working pressures up to 50MPa, which can be higher in some cases.

Product Detail

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Standard material:

sealing ring: filled with modified thermoplastic material, expansion ring: NBR


-Small shape
-Impact load resistance
-Even after the pressure is maintained for a long time, the friction between starting and moving is very low
-As the hydraulic cylinder seal ring is an open structure, it is easy to install on the integral piston without auxiliary tools
-High wear resistance
-Due to the special material performance of the hydraulic cylinder seal ring, it has strong extrusion resistance under high pressure and large clearance
-Suitable for grooves according to ISO 7425-1

Operating conditions:

speed Pressure range temperature range medium Diameter range available
1m/s 0 ~ 50map - 30 ℃ + 100 ℃ Hydraulic oil, water, emulsion 25-1000mm


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