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Vertical shaft high pressure oil seal of hydraulic pump

Standard material: NBR or FKM

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1. The lip end is in the shape of an inclined wedge, which presses the shaft surface at the end to play the role of sealing fluid.
2. The sealing lip is a flexible elastomer, which is designed to ensure that it can still maintain a stable sealing function under the influence of mechanical vibration and pressure variation of the sealing fluid, and plays a role in maintaining a stable contact state with the shaft surface at the lip end. In addition, the spring can improve the compression force of the sealing lip and shaft to prevent dust intrusion.
3. The dust-proof lip is a secondary lip that is not connected with the spring, preventing dust intrusion.
4. While fixing the oil seal to the cavity hole, the fitting part plays a role in preventing fluid leakage and invasion from the contact surface between the outer circumference of the oil seal and the inner surface of the cavity. In addition, the metal framework plays the role of fixing the oil seal on the cavity to maintain the matching force.

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