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Broken hammer BPNS

Standard material: sealing ring: filled with PTFE F-PTFE or polyurethane PU, O-ring: NBR or FKM

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Scope of application:

hydraulic reciprocating motion system. In high, medium, low pressure and heavy load, high frequency working conditions of sealing occasions is very good. It is suitable for various stroke and wide range of fluids and high temperature occasions, and can be used for large piston rod clearance. For example, in bulldozers, excavators, forging presses, ceramic brick presses, steel rolling machines, servo valves and machine tools.


good dynamic and static sealing performance, good extrusion resistance, stable size, not affected by temperature, no trapped pressure, can be installed in series, excellent buffering effect on strong impact pressure, low friction, no creeping, viscous phenomenon, strong corrosion resistance, simple groove structure, long life, can work with or without lubrication, and easy installation.

Operating conditions:

speed Pressure range temperature range medium Diameter range available
5m/s 0~60MPa

-30℃ +200℃

Petroleum based hydraulic oil, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, environmentally safe hydraulic fluid (bio oil), water and others, depending on the sealing ring material 5-2000mm

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