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BPGW piston seal

Scope of application: hydraulic reciprocating motion system. Under high pressure conditions, the heavy-duty two-way piston seal is excellent. It is especially suitable for long stroke and wide range of fluids and high temperature occasions, and can be used for large piston clearance. Cylinder piston seals mainly used in heavy load or construction machinery have good leak control, extrusion resistance and wear resistance, such as excavators, heavy hydraulic cylinders, etc.

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Standard material:

sealing body: filled with PTFE or polyurethane PU, elastomer: NBR, retaining ring: nylon PA or POM


-Good dynamic and static sealing performance
-Low static and dynamic friction coefficient and low wear
-Simple trench structure
-No crawling during startup, stable operation
-Large extrusion gap is allowed
-Due to the large extrusion gap, it can be safely used in the medium with dirt
-Long service life

Operating conditions:

speed Pressure range temperature range medium Diameter range available


0 ~ 50map - 30 ℃ + 100 ℃ Petroleum based hydraulic oil, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, environmentally safe hydraulic fluid (bio oil), water and others, depending on the sealing ring material 50~500

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